Cloud Computing Services

Securing and managing on-premise infrastructure requires much effort and capital expenditure

Securing and managing on-premise infrastructure requires much effort and capital expenditure; you need to staff up, purchase duplicate hardware to ensure redundancy in case of failure, and make large capital investments. One way around these challenges is to create a framework of infrastructure, software, storage and security protocols in the cloud, which offers greater economies of scale, greater agility, cost savings, and resources can be re-focused toward your core competencies. Our team can help you through the entire process of designing and implementing your cloud architecture, data center migrations, disaster recovery, and cloud security.

Cloud Design and Implementation

Our team will structure procedures and constraints of deploying a cloud or hybrid solution within an enterprise. We will lay out the implementation plan for the cloud solution, applying best practices of procedures, methodologies, and governance.

Data Center Migrations to the Cloud

Among many considerations, data center migrations to the cloud require understanding of the dependencies of the entire IT environment. Our team has the experience to help you through the steps and careful execution of migration strategies without significant disruptions to business operations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Whether a disaster is caused by Mother Nature or man-made, one thing is for certain: Doing nothing is not an option. We provide disaster recovery services designed to recover your mission-critical applications and data quickly.

Cloud Security

We will work with you to design and implement a set of controls that enables cloud architecture to protect against any vulnerability and reduce the effect of a malicious attack.