Business IT Solutions

When you need to augment in-house capabilities, you can leverage our team to provide expertise

When your team and resources are squeezed, you may need to augment in-house capabilities with fully credentialed IT professionals. You can leverage our team to provide expertise for data center migration, critical business continuity planning, project management, and LAN/WAN optimization projects.

Data Center Migration

We have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and execute a data center migration, relocation, or consolidation project of any size and complexity. We can help you migrate your data center when performing server consolidation, end-of-lease hardware migration, data center relocation, and disaster recovery without sacrificing your business processes. We develop and help our clients execute data migrations that keep your data in motion while defending it against security threats.

Business Continuity

In the event of recovering from a disaster, business continuity plans must be put in place to keep businesses moving forward. Our consultants can design and create policies and procedures that ensure that essential business functions are available and addresses roles of essential personnel, potential service availability issues, possible business impact, and change management.

Project Management

When in-house capabilities are more specialized, you may need our Project Managers to ensure that resources are being used appropriately, that projects stay on track, as well as within scope and budget.

LAN/WAN Optimization

Our IT consultants will assess the performance of your wide area network (WAN) local area networks (LANs) and metro area networks (MANs) and apply a series of techniques to ensure that data is being exchanged efficiently.