IT Infrastructure Services

To stay competitive, organizations must keep pace with technology.

As a company grows, moves, or merges with another organization, so too must the networking infrastructure that supports it. Likewise, when companies are barely operating on legacy infrastructure, modernizing its capabilities becomes imperative to ultimately improve profitability.

Depending on the complexity of the business, a combination of physical and virtual resources may be used to support the exchange, storage, processing and analyses of data. Our IT consultants are relied upon to provide the expertise needed to augment in-house capabilities to build the right solutions to drive toward business goals.

IT Network and Control

Businesses today rely on applications to stay connected with customers, partners, and employees. They demand a robust and secure network to drive collaboration and keep data secure. To this end, Archsys works to ensure that complex projects are executed manageably and remain agile.

IT Systems

Information technology should meet business demands now and be able to handle strategic corporate initiatives, transformations, mergers, and acquisitions in the future. Our consultants possess the experience and credentials to design IT systems architecture and procedures to ensure that telecommunications networks, databases and data warehouses, software and hardware are fully operational.

IT Virtualization

Using VMware, Hyper V and other technologies we harness the power of the virtualization to provide scalable, secure, and flexible infrastructure that offers the benefits of load balancing and quicker backup and recovery.

IT Unified Communication

Unified communications can help simplify your communication environment and lower the cost of operation by eliminating the need to buy and manage several communications technologies to collaborate and exchange information within your organization. Using a combination of hardware, software, network and other related solutions, we develop the most appropriate unified communications strategies to reduce integration risks; design, integrate and deploy communications solution; and provide ongoing monitoring.